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Bitcoin is a digital commodity that can be used on internet to buy things and can also be traded with paper currency.
Before we move on with bitcoins, lets learn the few basic steps in order to get a clear understanding.

  • A bitcoin wallet is a program or web service that allows you to store, spend and receive bitcoins.
  • A bitcoin client gives you a wallet in which your bitcoins are organized.
  • A bitcoin address is used to send and receive bitcoins. The following is an example of a bitcoin address:

  • 1NiWR6c1eBQWs5kwqxYh2MUdFZc7npiZ8F

    You can have an unlimited number of addresses in your bitcoin wallet and it is recommended that you use a new address for every transaction. To get started with bitcoins I recommend downloading the free Bitcoin Core client program. It provides an easy to use wallet for you to get started with. You can also create an online bitcoin wallet from
    To get bitcoins you can buy them from exchanges like Crypto-trade, Cryptsy Or P2P (peer-to-peer) trading platforms like You can also earn bitcoins in exchange for your goods or services by advertising them on bitcoin talk marketplace.
    source : bitcoinspakistan blog

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