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BitcoinPK was the first OTC bitcoin exchange in Pakistan which is also on a mission to educate masses about this new disruptive financial system. Now we run https://www.urdubit.com which is the live bitcoin trading platform in Pakistan. Bitcoinpk will now be a platform for promoting bitcoin usage in Pakistan. Since earlier 2013 we have been exchanging bitcoins to Pakistani rupee and vice versa. We also have a dedicated team that is putting great effort in educating masses by making videos in Urdu, Organizing meetups and helping individuals to get started in bitcoin economy. Our team comprises or individuals from different circles of life coming together for the love of cryptos.

Our Mission

Pakistan is a country with population of 170+ million. Our mission is to educate masses, promote bitcoin, make people realize the limitless potential of bitcoin and make bitcoin accessible to virtually every one. We believe Bitcoin can change the lives of many who are living under the poverty line and can improve the standards of living by connecting every one to global economy withinstant cross-border money transfers.

Who are we ?

We are bunch of crypto enthusiasts who believe we can bring a change for good

Meet Our Team

Zain Tariq

Founder and chair person of BitcoinPk. Since 2012 he is an active member of crypto-community and striving hard to bring the financial change in Pakistan.

Danyal Manzar

Chief Opertaing Officer of BitcoinPk. Danyal helps to expand the physical outreach of bitcoinPk and takes care of day to day operations.

Abdullah Khan

Managing Director Of BitcoinPk. Abdullah is internet marketeer by profession and helps to reach out people is his own unique ways. Harnessing the power of internet

Our Advisors

Rehan Allahwala

Rehan Allahwala is an enterpreneur and founder of Super technologies in Pakistan. He also runs Rehan School which is a social project that aims to bring a possitive change in the lives of underprivileged by educating them

Androklis Polymenis

Androklis Polymenis (a.k.a. kLee in the cryptocurrency world) is a digital currency entrepreneur and owner of the startup company UbiCrypt. He is a Bitcoin “early adopter” and has heavily invested on several cryptocurrency projects.

Colbert Lau

Colbert is the founder of BitcoinMalaysia.com and is an active member of the Bitcoin community in Malaysia. He has extensive experience leading technical teams for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and T-Systems.

Benjamin Leviton

Benjamin is Founder of Coin & Company, a crypto currency startup that focuses on developing client relationships, partnerships, and new processes to further BitCoin and the digital currency ecosystem around the globe.